is a unit of three outstanding players.
Toru Ishiwata on guitar, Hiroki Ide on drums/ perc/ mixing, and Shigeki Kawahara on keyboards. Three of them get to know each other in a music SNS managed by YAMAHA. In 2006, Toru Ishiwata first found one song posted by Shigeki Kawahara and introduced this song to Hiroki Ide. They quickly noticed that they share the same style of groove. That’s why they call themselves “TIG: The Three In the Groove” which is also the name of the song they first produced together in November 2006. Until now, they have recorded 6 tracks.

Friends of TIG:
Chika Asamoto/ Saxophonist, playing sax solo in, "Another World II", "Tidak Apa-apa", and "Funky Struttin' (by TIG and Friends)". A great musician touring worldwide. She plays soft, smooth, and gets really "funky" with a tight groove. A real gem of TIG sound.
The Orchid House Orchestra with friends Live at Botanic Garden,Ubud,Bali1st Jan,2011Anello Capuano (Ud.Balalaika.Saz) Chika Asamoto (soprano Sax) Gilles SAISSI (Guitar) Vigneswaren Rajaendran (Tabla,Nal)

Naomi Wada/ Vocalist, singing in "Another World II" and "Funky Struttin' (by TIG and Friends)". Her silky but robust voice adds fine final touches to the melodies of TIG. She sings Bossanova, Jazz, and some pops as well. She is a "Diva" of TIG.
On Air of TIG:
Music of Shigeki/TIG was "
on air" on "Best Smooth Jazz with Rod Lucas from London" (Recorded live on Mar 5th and Feb 12th, 2011)